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100W Light foldable solar module

100W Light foldable solar module

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The Light weight foldable solar module is Perfect for outdoor needs of batteries in caravan or RVs or for mountaineering etc. During camping, hiking and other outdoor activities, the foldable solar blanket is a convenient solar electric generator, suitable for charging 12V or 24V, Gel or Lifepo4 or flooded batteries along with appropriate charge controllers.


    • Compact Size and Light Weight.
    • Light & Splash proof polyester fabric. Long life with fabric-fabric stitching.
    • Waterproof fabric.
    • Each segment covered by fabric.
    • Anderson connectors for easy interchange connection.
    • High Efficiency Monocrystalline cells.
    • Comes with5m Extension Cable, 0.6m long Cable with Anderson connectors and Alligator Clips, Foam padded heavy duty carry bag to carry module.
    • Multiple Mounting Options.
      • Easy to Prop-up Stand.
      • No-Slip on metal surface.
      • Easy to Hold/Suspend loops.
  • Electrical performance

    Maximum power rating (Pmax) 12.50 W x 8 Panels
    Current at max power (Imax) 5.51 A
    Voltage at max power (Vmax) 18.17 V
    Short circuit current (Isc) 5.84
    Open circuit voltage (Voc) 21.44  V
    No.of cells 16 Nos x 8 Panels
    Weight (Kg) 5.0

    Unfolded Dimension (mm)

    Folded Dimension (mm)

    1800 x 570 x 7.0

    400 x 300 x 80.0

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